16 November 2009

Rainy Days for Royal Mail

Rainy Days for Royal Mail
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Poor industrial relations have already degraded the quality of Universal Service. First class UK post is now taking three to seven days or more to arrive; I got a birthday card from my sister recently that took one month via air mail from the USA. Up until a year ago, that card would have arrived within 5 to 7 days.

Failing to address fundamental efficiency issues now and the continuing impact of electronic commmunications will make the difficult decisions Government is facing even more difficult following the general election. Will the iconic pillar box become a listed artifact of a bygone era?

Mordernise or decline - Hooper Report

The report addressed modernisation in two phases - first, transformation, changing culture and breaking down resistance to change, and, second, diversification, finding new sources of revenue. This is a massive management challenge on the scale of modernising the telecomms trunk network by BT in the 1980s.

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