12 May 2012

Sunset over DeBeauvoir

Sunset over DeBeauvoir by D1v1d
Sunset over DeBeauvoir, a photo by D1v1d on Flickr.

Setting sun in Hackney's DeBeauvoir conservation area highlights this block of Grade II-listed 1840s houses. Taken with the iPhone 4 using Apple's native camera app with HDR switched on. No cropping or post-processing of any kind.

07 April 2012

Are you a project manager?

This from Edwin Land, inventor of the Polaroid camera. Seen in Silverprint, London.

10 February 2012

Winter in London

Snowy night on Southgate Rd. (8 Feb 2012). Intrepid cyclist crossing from left to right. Taken on my iPhone 4 using QuickPic.

06 November 2011

Reflections - Thailand

Cloister of Bhuddas
Originally uploaded by D1v1d
The ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya was recently hit by severe flooding. Hoping that life is returning to normal without too much damage. These Bhuddas from a riverbank monastery just outside the city. Click through to the Flickr page for details on the photo.

30 October 2011


This from Bayliss Rd in Lambeth, London near Waterloo Station. There are a huge number of roadworks in London now; this one is considerate of the bike lane but other works often interrupt the bike lanes in a car-centric approach to traffic flows.