27 April 2010

East London Line

East London Line
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The world's newest metro line opened today for passengers. The East London line combines the best of 19th and 21st century technologies, passing through the Brunel Tunnel under the River Thames, the world's first underwater tunnel and on state-of-the-art modern tracks and new arch bridges.

The carriages and stations are spacious - much more so than the Docklands Light Railway - and passengers can walk through from one carriage to the next should the nearly empty space soon fill up with eager commuters.

Top row from left to right: (i) Interior carriage seats at Shoreditch High St., (ii) platform seats at Canada Water, the transfer point for the Jubilee Line, (iii), Whitechapel, an 'old' refurbished station, (iv) poster at the brand new Hagerston Station. Center row - left to right: (i) girders on bridge over A10, (ii) Hoxton station platform, (iii) train arriving at Canada Water. Bottom row from left to right: (i) interior carriage shot showing connection to next carriage, (ii) New tile work at Haggerston station, and (iii) train departing Haggerston station.

02 April 2010

Tower Hamlets Wheelers Workshop

Tower Hamlets Wheelers celebrated their seventh year of monthly bicycle workshops on 27 March 2010. The workshop ran from 11:00 to 15:00 at the Limehouse Town Hall in East London. Here, Dave, a volunteer mechanic, is pumping up a tyre for one of the more than two dozen cyclists who attended for a variety of repairs ranging from brakes to bottom brackets.