27 September 2008

Critical Mass - London - 26 September 2008

Fine weather brought hundreds of cyclists together under the Waterloo bridge by kick-off time around 19:00. The police were conspicuously absent. Not bad at the start and for the first few miles across Waterloo Bridge and up Southampton Row to Holborn. But the pack stretched out because of intermingling motor vehicle traffic and tempers started to flare in the West End. I personally observed two shouting matches between cyclists and motorists and an ugly assault incident by a pedestrian on a fixie rider near Trafalgar Square.

Let's hope this doesn't become like the NY Mass!

Here is a link to my live broadcast video from the Holborn segment:


19 September 2008

Demonstration Lorry - Kingsland Fire Station

The Met police sponsored a Spatial Awareness day on 16/9/08 at the Kingsland Fire Station on the A10 in Hackney, London GB. Positioned 50m from a busy junction, police waved down passing cyclists who disobeyed traffic signals. Risking a £30 on-the-spot fine, six cyclists were stopped by police officers within a 30 min. period. Money aside, three cyclists have been killed near this location within the past year, several in accidents involving large vehicles.

Fact sheet on road accidents - bicycles and lorries

Tips to avoid injury or worse...

Just two days after this event, another cyclist was killed in London by a lorry