28 November 2008

Critical Mass Wins in House of Lords!

This post is an email from Chris Ashby at the Islington Cyclists Action Group (ICAG)

The appeal against the Metropolitan Police by a Critical Mass particpant has
been won in a major judgement made at the House of Lords today. If you want
to read the full proceedings then type something like House of Lords
Judgement 26th November 2008 into Google and you will have joyful reading!
ICAG and LCC have always supported Critcal Mass so this is an important
legal decision. Thanks and congratulations are due to the appellent and to
the appellent's legal team, one of whom some of you will know and have seen
on a recent Feeder Ride near here. One might legitimately question the huge
amount of our money spent by the Met' Police on persuing and finally losing
this ridiculous case against cyclists.

See Guardian article at:

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