21 April 2005

There is another way!

Cycle Lane to Heathrow (M4/A4 corridor)
David A. Smith, 2005
(Nikon Coolpix 4500 handheld)

Does this have to be? We are consuming vast quantities of fossil fuels to power heavy vehicles in all-too-crowded roads designed in generations past. Fortunately, London planners have constructed many miles of segregated bicycle lanes. I am researching an article for a cycling magazine on access to London's Heathrow Airport by bicycle. Yes, there are actually cycling routes and the total time required to reach the airport from Central London (75 minutes at around an 11 mph average speed) is comparable to a typical multi-modal journey (taxi to Paddington transferring to the Heathrow Express) considering waiting time, walks to and from the trains, traffic delays, etc. Not to mention saving 40 pounds and burning a few calories.

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David A. Smith said...

Stay tuned for further details on facilities for cyclists and bicycles at London's Heathrow Airport. BAA, the airport's operator, has information on cycle routes and parking at: